Total Dictation - from Russia to Singapore today

This year, the annual educational event, organized and carried out all over the world, and came to Singapore. "Total dictation" in Singapore organized by the Center for Russian language in Singapore, with the support of the Russian Club in Singapore.

According to the organizers of the event, held in an auditorium Singapore Management University, 34 people took part. They all wrote under the dictation of the Center for Russian language teacher Natalia Litvinenko. In addition to the Russian-speaking members and two were foreign students, along with all who have written dictation.
This project is carried out to help everyone, finished school a long time for people to realize that they have left school course on how competently they can write, and, possibly, to reflect, and do not need to brush up a bit this knowledge and strengthen.
Total dictation - an annual educational event in the form of voluntary dictation for everyone. A kind of global flash mob held throughout Russia and more than 40 cities around the world. ... The idea of ​​voluntary dictation for everyone born in Novosibirsk in the Faculty of Humanities student club NSU "Glum Club" in the early 2000s. During the ten years of the totality dictation into a massive federal event. In 2012, the action took place in 89 cities of Russia and the world, covering 10 countries had become parties to about 14,500 people, and about 15,000 viewed online broadcast.
Well-known contemporary writers prepare texts for dictation of Total is the fourth year. In 2010, the author of the text was Boris Strugatsky, and in 2011, the participants had dictated his essay Dmitry Bykov, a text written in 2012 Zakhar Prilepin. The author of the text dictation of Total 2013 became known writer Dina Rubina.
Overall, the event was not in an academic setting, and fun and very positive.

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